Honour your Teachers

Isha and Annie

As I write this (longhand) I am in the air, for the first time since my Soul Sabbatical in South America, heading home after a precious family visit in Melbourne with two of my adult sons and grandchildren.

I’m feeling reflective, peaceful and grateful – its’ my Birthday and I have a few bonus hours to just enjoy BEING and the delicious lunch served by a friendly Qantas steward.

The idea for today’s reflection, Honour your Teachers, come from a favourite book of daily readings, Attitudes of Gratitude, by M J Ryan.  It is so easy to forget that how I think about the world and about life has been shaped and influenced by a long list if wise teachers I have encountered and learned from.

I can’t do justice to all those teachers, so today I will pay tribute to one, whom I was privileged to meet personally while on my travels in Latin America.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to ISHA JUDD and the Isha System (Sistema Isha).  My week long stay at the Isha Centre in Manzanillo, in Mexico, introduced me to a simple yet profound way of meditating and appreciating life (called Unifying) that allows me to enjoy inner peace and lightness of spirit …… as long as I make time for the unifying practices and readings on a regular basis.  There is no short cut to transformation and inner peace without personal commitment and investment! Unifying is most helpful when done every day.

Isha is an Australian who adopted South America in the early 2000’s.  She established two retreat centres – in Mexico and Uruguay – and she is making a huge contribution to world peace with her retreats, writings and UTube videos. At the retreat centre in Manzillo it was inspiring to meet many ordinary Mexicans committed to transformation and inner and world peace.  The centre is run by a dedicated group of teachers who live a life of commitment and service to other.  Thank you Isha for sharing your wisdom and insight.  Wishing you and your team Love and Peace as you touch so many lives.

Photo:  Isha and Annie, her long time translator – a powerful partnership.

As you read this, I invite you to reflect on people who have been influential and inspirational in your life.  Take a minute to honour them and thank them silently. Or, even better, are there some you may be able to contact (phone, email, or thank you card) to show your appreciation.  Enjoy the warm feeling of gratitude as you do this.

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