Procrastination – the Energy Robber

 Today, I had a visit to my favourite café in Perth (Overboard), where coffee is served with a huge dollop of Inspiration! Overboard has a great view over a marina, and is staffed by some really delightful young people.  Each time I visit, I notice a new inspirational quote or two, painted or chalked, as they are, on the walls and pillars in the café.The quote (in the photo alongside) caught my eye first, but then I saw another …….


Procrastination is Altitudes Natural Assassin ……There is nothing more fatiguing as an uncompleted task.   William James

Co-incidentally, over the past week I had been reflecting on a list of creative projects and other ‘some day, one day’ things I say I want to do. I had just given myself a dose of self coaching about reviewing my wish list, and getting clear which aspirations will go on a definite ‘to do’ list, with some realistic completion target dates, and which I will surrender to the ‘let it go for this lifetime’ list!

Some years ago I undertook a series of self development courses (Landmark Education) , much of which I have found incredibly valuable in a lasting way.  The promise of the education was that you can “live a life you love, and live it powerfully” if you are able to apply a range of distinctions in a regular, disciplined way in your life daily life.  One of the key distinctions was that getting clear about things you commit yourself to doing, and then ‘being your word’ around the promises you make to others, (and more importantly yourself).  This allows you to focus, not be distracted, not make excuses, and as a result get to enjoy the reward of completing tasks and activities that are important to you.  The distinction ‘being your word’, and then delivering on it, is a really powerful antidote to procrastination, which so easily and sneakily delays and sabotages some of our hopes and dreams, not to mention draining our energy when we feel bad about not following through.

The word INTEGRITY, a value which many of us aspire to, simply means “being your word”.

Seeing the procrastination quote this morning spurred me on to be even more intentional about some tasks I have been dragging my feet with – and the energy surge I experienced when ticking a few off the list, has been a reward in itself!

Procrastination is NOT life giving.   So, if you want renewed energy, make a list of those things you know you are putting off doing…. and see what happens to your energy and enthusiasm when you make the time to complete some of them.  Make it a game, have fun, and enjoy the sense of achievement that comes with ticked off lists …..and the energy freed up by the achievement!

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