Leah O’Brien-Addison BA, MCouns, Grad Dip Bus, Grad Dip Ed, PACFA, AIRTA

Leah is an experienced  relationship counsellor, psychotherapist, coach, facilitator, and celebrant. She is committed to empowering clients to communicate and relate in ways that enrich the quality of both their workplace and personal lives.  Her core skill and passion is supporting clients to believe in themselves and their ability to make a difference, both in their close relationships, and in their working and living environments. 

Over the years Leah has worked across a range of sectors, from the deeply personal to the broadly public.  This gives her a good understanding of some of the issues and challenges that many people struggle with as we strive to live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

As a Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant she is licenced to conduct Marriages, Funerals, and other personal and family ceremonies.

Leah’s previous professional experience includes twenty years as a facilitator and consultant in the business sector, spanning state and local government and the private sector. Projects and consultancies have been in the area of stakeholder engagement, staff development, community development, heritage planning and EAP coaching and counselling.

Nowadays, Leah balances her professional time between counselling and coaching individuals and couples, facilitating psycho-educational groups, and her role as a Marriage and Funeral Celebrant.

A message from Leah:

“In our technology saturated world, we never have to be alone for more than a few seconds, before we plug into some interesting item on one of our numerous devices.  New research indicates that we, particularly in the Western world, are losing or not developing fully, the capacity for reflection, solitude and inner peace – all qualities so vital for the development of compassion and empathy – for self, and others.

In our speeded up world, bombarded by external consumer and media messages to buy more, have more, do more, be more, is it any wonder so many people are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, dissatisfied, unable to keep up, ‘not good enough’ or even depressed or hopeless?  It seems that FOMO, (Fear of Missing Out), keeps us seeking, striving, stretching and ………..stressed!

Taking a deep breath, stepping back, and treating yourself to a session or two with a personal coach/counsellor is a really helpful way to reflect on where you are, and where you want to be in life – in a respectful, caring and supportive environment.  You don’t have to have a major “problem” – after all, Olympic athletes have coaches, NOT because there is something wrong with them.

My view is that nobody NEEDS a coach/counsellor – rather, everyone DESERVES to have someone who gives you time, attention, presence and encouragement – to value yourself, and be able to relate to others in your world, in a life-giving way.”