Couples & Families


Falling in love is wonderful… but respectful, satisfying, loving, long term relationships do not happen easily.  They take awareness, insight and the willingness to learn and practice loving behaviours.  They also require that partners learn to manage difference and conflict effectively and respectfully, and to be able to let the unimportant things go, learning to balance the needs of both the individuals AND the relationship.  Some of the aspects Leah can support couples with are:

  • Preparing for marriage/a committed relationship (Prepare and Enrich)
  • Understanding the stages of intimate relationships
  • Dealing with difference and conflict
  • Deepening intimacy (Imago; Sexual Crucible; Gottman)
  • Effective parenting
  • FIFO Couples – managing the challenges and benefits
  • Making difficult decisions – to stay or to leave?
  • After the affair ……….
  • Minimising the pain of separation and divorce
  • Rebuilding after divorce
  • Repartnering
  • Making stepfamilies work
  • Empty nests and transition to retirement and old age